Since the '60s,
fascinated by surrealist painters,
Franco Innocenti has consistently and
intensively worked as a realistic/fantastic artist.
He is known and valued throughout the world. The United Nations have used his paintings for posters and publications in various languages. One of his paintings has recently become part of the permanent collection of the "Ideal Museum of Leonardo" in Vinci (Florence).

A book of Franco Innocenti's work

Franco Innocenti wrote a book of more than 300 pages on his painting activity.
There are more than three hundred full-color photographs of his works. The book is written by the painter in Italian and English... - Read more about the artist

The Strange Couple # 13

A new artistic work by Franco Innocenti. It's an oil on board painting (cm 40x40). In the web gallery you can find more than one hundred paintings by the artist... - Visit the gallery