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the artis at work Franco Innocenti was born in Florence on March 11 1931, under the sign of Pisces. He lives and works in Barbischio, a small town near Gaiole in Chianti (Siena). Even though he wished to dedicate himself primarily to painting, he obtained a degree in Political Science, then worked for Olivetti for thirteen years, travelling and living all over the world. He subsequently worked as a free-lance consultant in communications and Corporate Training.
At the same time, since the '60s, fascinated by surrealist painters, he has consistently and intensively worked as a realistic/fantastic artist. He is known and valued throughout the world. The United Nations have used his paintings for posters and publications in various languages. One of his paintings has recently become part of the permanent collection of the "Ideal Museum of Leonardo" in Vinci (Florence).

Franco Innocenti talks about his art

selfpotrait There are those who say that one of my fundamental characteristics is the meticulous precision in the rendering of the objects, plants, and animals that are depicted. They say that I am able to create a different reality from the one we are accustomed to, by removing objects, stones, flowers, plants and animals from their natural environment and inserting them in surroundings that are completely different from the ones in which they belong, or by creating combinations that may appear to be absurd.

Fantastic Realism seeks to constantly refine the technical aspect in order to portray the fantasies, the dreams, the images that stem from the painter's individual personality. The goal is to make that which cannot be real seem real. This is the reason why technique is so important. It is a necessary tool to create the illusion that there is no such thing as impossible.
Partly because I am a Tuscan, I am naturally drawn to irony, and I enjoy uncovering the comical and absurd aspect of subjects and situations. Many of the ideas that have inspired my work are derived from an ability to recognize the comical, paradoxical, amusing and ironic aspects of the world that surrounds us. The paintings reproduced in this Virtual Gallery are a small representation of that work and they were selected from my most recent paintings. Nonetheless, I hope that they will be sufficient to give an idea of my work.

The book

Franco Innocenti wrote a book of more than 300 pages on his painting activity. There are more than three hundred full-color photographs of his works. The book is written by the painter in Italian and English. For further information, please contact Franco Innocenti.